Installation SPOL Topside

Year: 2015

Installation SPOL Topside

Client: SAFF

Lifting from Sea Level: 19 m

Water depth: 66.8 m

Weight: 880 Ton

SPOL platform with 890 tons weight is capable of processing 35000 barrels of crude oil.

After many years, it was transported and installed in the field by SADAF fleet including OFOGH 1, SADAF 3000 & LB 90. Considering the key importance of this project and executed by Iranian knowledgeable personnel, this project was inaugurated in a ceremony where local officials, representative of state client and senior managers participated.

SADAF 3000 is one of the pioneers in the region used in offshore heavy lift operations.

The Load-Out and transport operations and installation of platform using SADAF 3000 were performed with a magnificent time record.