SADAF Island

SADAF Island


SADAF Island is located in special economic zone 1 which is simply over viewed by an exclusive 8.5 Km road.

SADAF Island Dimensions:

Length:                                  110     m2

Width:                                     20       m2

Area:                                       2200   m

Lateral space:                       4200   m

Storage Dimension:

Covered Storage Area:       300     m2

Open Storage area:             37600 m2

Exclusive road:

Length:                                  2700   m

Width:                                     9         m

Utilities facilities:

Electricity power:                  4 generators with the power of 2200 KVA

Gasoline tank:                      50000 lit.

Water:                                     2″ individual monocline joint to main water net work

Huge tank:                            25000 lit.

Main tank:                             20000 lit.